Welcome to the Department of Nursing at the University of Ioannina

Welcome to the Department of Nursing at the University of Ioannina. The University of Ioannina is a public Higher Educational Institution and is under the auspices of the Ministry of Education of the Hellenic Democracy. As one of the first Departments of Nursing to have made the transition into higher education (since 1984) we have a long tradition of preparing graduate nurses at a Bachelors level in Nursing.



The Department of Nursing at the University of Ioannina has a four year BSc in Nursing program that aims at opening up new horizons and career paths for nurses by equipping students with the skills for self-development as to transform them to competent nurse practitioners and decision makers by focusing on the primacy of care, the promotion of health and the imperative of evidence use to underpin best practice. We also offer a two-year MSc in Adult Nursing program that builds on students undergraduate and practice experiences as to equip them with expertise, interpersonal skills and leadership abilities that will help to make a difference not only to individual service users and their families, but to the whole care team and organisation. Finally, we offer a range of continuous professional development programs and modules in Mental Health and Clinical Nursing Practice.



The objective and aims of the BSc in Nursing program at the T.E.I. of Epirus is to support students in developing critical thinking and problem solving skills, and in implementing evidence and reflective analysis in practice. This approach ensures the best possible conditions for our students to gain the knowledge, confidence and skills required to nurse in a knowledgeable, competent, caring and compassionate manner. We are fortunate to have access to a remarkable range of clinical settings in the City of Ioannina, many of which have an excellent national reputation. The overall objective of the BSc in Nursing program at the University of Ioannina is to integrate contemporary theory and meaningful practice as to facilitate the novice learners in developing into graduate nurses who are fit for purpose and practice. The BSc in Nursing program leads to eligibility to register as a General Nurse with the Hellenic Regulatory Nursing Body and in accordance to the Directive 2013/ 36 / EC title III, Chapter III, section 3, Article 31 to automatic registration as General Nurses within EU member states.

The Department of Nursing at the Universityof Ioannina is currently shifting focus from being solely a teaching Department to incorporating research activities spearheaded by our established Research Centers, all of which collaborate directly with department. These Research Centers are:

- Research Center for Integrated Care, Health and Well-being

Research Centre for the Psychology of Patients, Family and Health Professionals



Our incoming international students are very important to us and their experience is our priority. Working with academics, practitioners, administrators and student support staff, we aim to ensure your study at the University of Ioannina is an enjoyable and successful one. We are developing student centered learning environments for our international students that are based primarily on Enquiry-based learning and reflective learning as to enable individual students to develop at their own pace and based on their own needs cultivating the personal and professional attributes which will enhance their learning, confidence and potentials.  

Also, internationalisation is another priority for our Department and we are currently expanding and working with partners all over the world, and developing a vibrant academic and scholarly nursing culture in the City of Ioannina. We are the first Department of Nursing in Greece to become full members of the Florence Network and of the European Academy of Caring Sciences. We collaborate with a series of Universities across Europe within the Erasmus+ framework and we have a steadily increase of numbers of Erasmus incoming and outgoing students. We have experienced and qualified lecturers and mentors who are friendly and cooperative in supporting incoming Erasmus students in learning and working with people in a different culture.

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